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Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here with you at Green Home Design Source with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a fabulous place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful contemporary floor lamps to colorful rugs for the floor.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the coolest (very) small living environments around. We love the clever and creative ideas seen in these amazing tiny living spaces. Please enjoy!

~ Mari

Small Space

Is there anything more beautiful than the natural patterns in wood? This little house enveloped in that amazing natural look is stunning. Can you smell that wonderful scent of lumber?

Small Space

This Manhattan apartment is a tiny 240 square feet. A bedroom is set atop the beautiful and functional kitchen. When the space was renovated, the decision was made to encase the apartment in pale wood and the result is quite amazing. Recessed and under cabinet lighting casts a warm glow within the space.

Small Space

The bedroom above the kitchen in that same New York apartment is also tiny and ingeniously fabricated with a cubby of a library set into the wall. Perfect for sitting (not standing) and reading.

Small Space

What a clever use of space to place appliances and cabinets underneath the steps leading to the loft above. It’s a tiny kitchen with great lighting and all the necessities on a smaller much than normal scale.

Small Space

Now this is a small space with a view! Outfitted with a modern kitchen and cozy fireplace it’s a perfect cabin for two. Light sources are not visible in this photo except for the tiny swing arm wall lamps just right for reading.

Small Space

A super contemporary (with some Mid-Century) redo of the interior of a centuries old studio merges old and new for a beautiful result. With black Panton chairs, the dining area shows off some of the home’s Mid-Century touches.

Small Space

At the opposite end of the studio shown in the previous photo, a curved kitchen is all about contemporary design. Doesn’t it look cool in such a rustic building?

Small Space

Lastly, here is the tiniest of our (very) small space designs. With all the required appliances in sleek stainless steel, this kitchen packs a lot of functionality and style into one tiny wall niche. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these small stylish spaces? Leave your thoughts below and discover more fun home decor, modern pendant lighting, and interior inspirations at our blog!

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Sauna at Yingst Retreat

WOW! I am officially in love. Not just with Saunas….but with this new spin! I have always thought of traditional saunas by Finns. Wood, wood and wood. But I find this very refreshing. Wonder if the concrete block holds heat? What do you think?

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Tiny Garage Converted to a 250 Square Foot Home

This is a really fun project. You have to check out the full post at


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Flea Market Kitchen Ideas

Flea Market Kitchen

Flea Market Kitchen? Fabulous!

Ever wonder how to give your kitchen some clout? Well here it is…

Rather than going down that road of “matchy matchy”, consider interjecting some personality by repurposing a found item like this dresser. Islands are the perfect place to make your statement. Whether an old farmhouse table or a dresser put on wheels, using items that compliment the character of your installed cabinets can give clout and instant impact to an otherwise dull kitchen.

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One Green Kitchen!

Here is the floorplan for the contemporary kitchen I have available. It is in mint condition and very gently used….an absolute steal for the right taker…not to mention a VERY GREEN choice! If you are interested please leave your info…will post more pictures later.

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Go Green Save Green

Check out this family…

It all goes to show….every little bit helps!

Go Green!




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Green Home Visits the World of Home Improvements Remodeling…

Courtesy of Houzz

As the calendar winds down I thought I would close the years posts with a lovely little REMODEL. Old becomes new again and we see the power of reinvention. I particularly like this project created by DMVF Architects in Ireland. Cleverly planned to make one tiny room into 3 distinct living spaces…

What a lovely example of a marriage of old and new, traditional and contemporary. One of my favorite eclectic styles. As I go forth into the new year I will keep my eye on standing on the shoulders of the past to create a brilliant future.

Happy New Year and may every blessing be yours in 2013!

Here’s to CHANGE!                     Warmly,    Holly


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Interview with Niccolo Casewit

Wow! I can tell already that I am going to have a great time with this interview series. Today I had the good fortune of speaking with Denver Architect, Designer , Planner and accomplished Musician Niccolo Casewit. After a lengthy chat about sustainability we settled on discussing the need for housing that can grow into the future. With the youngest of baby boomers now passing the 50 year mark,  there is not only a trend to downsize but to re-purpose existing structures to accommodate parents, boomerang children and changing lifestyles. What I loved most about Niccolo’s design perspective was that of his holistic nature. Sustainability should not be chased solely for the purpose of saving energy but perhaps more importantly to create systems and relationships for humans that will be flexible and far reaching.

This man is a treasure trove of experience and study. I highly recommend listing to this interview and looking him up if you have a home in need of an update! He can be found at http://www.environmental

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Redux Rocks!

What fun and inventive ideas captured by the author of REDUX. What do you think of this place in Berkley? Using old signs as siding…wonder if we could use skis?

Compliments of REDUX

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Architect William Martin with some simple tips for building green…

Tips for building green:

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